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Fifa under pressure to remove Iran from World Cup

Fifa under pressure to remove Iran from World Cup

Fifa under pressure to remove Iran from World Cup


FIFA are facing pressure to replace Iran at the World Cup due to their ongoing treatment of women. 


Open Stadiums sent a letter to Infantino on Friday, which detailed the treatment of women by Iranian authorities, including violence against women and being arrested and detained for trying to report on sports in the country.

They questioned: “Why would FIFA give the Iranian state and its representatives a global stage, while it not only refuses to respect basic human rights but is currently torturing and killing its own people?l


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Where are the principles of FIFA’s statues in this regard?”


”Therefore, we ask FIFA, based on Articles 3 and 4 of its statues, to immediately expel Iran from the World Cup 2022 in Qatar


This is not only a demand from our groups and campaigns in Iran. We will plead with all fans across the world to highlight, discuss, and back this call for Iran’s expulsion from the World Cup, especially because we do not believe this team represents us or our values as Iranian citizens any longer.”


Iran’s national team also recently wore black jackets during their national anthem at a match to cover their country’s emblem.



England are set to kick off their World Cup campaign against Iran on  November 21. Wales and the United States have also been drawn in the same group.


It was the death of  22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died in police custody, that sparked the calls for the national team to be taken out of the tournament.


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Amini was arrested by Iran’s morality police on September 13 when visiting the country’s capital for allegedly violating the strict law that requires women to wear a hijab to cover their hair.


She collapsed following being taken to a detention centre and after three days in a coma, passed away in hospital. Her family have claimed she was beaten by police offers, whilst the authorities say she suffered sudden heart failure.